Underrepresentation in research


This topic discusses unheard voices in research.

The field of research has long been dominated by a privileged few, resulting in a predominantly one-sided narrative in many academic disciplines. What are the barriers to entry for researchers from minority backgrounds? Why is the lack of diversity in research participation such an urgent issue, and how can we address it? 

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions

  • What challenges do biased AI algorithms pose fi they were used in a wide range of circumstances such as medical care, policing, and job hire?
  • How can we combat underrepresentation in research?
  • Is it feasible to make sure everyone is represented in research?
  • Is diversity in research important for equality, good/innovative science or both?
  • Should we stop using current unrepresentative research as a basis for policy, theory, practice?
  • How can we ensure all people have access and are supported to be researchers/perform research?

Resource Personalisation

You could add resources that talk about your own university’s diversity in their research. This could be done by linking:

  • Resources for any initiatives or policies your university has to increase diversity in research
  • Resources that highlight the lack of diversity or the need for more diversity in your university 
  • Personal opinions of staff, students, or the community around the need for diversity in research

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