Masculinity and Men.


This topic discusses masculinity and male-centred issues.

Issues surrounding male equality often get overlooked due to the privilege men hold in society. How should governmental policy and societal norms tackle gender equality for men? Why do fewer men than women go to university? How do we help men with their mental health? What are the pressures of modern media on male body perception? How will longer and better paternity leave help solve gender equality?

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions
  • Why are there less men in university?
  • Is the gender disparity in educational attainment due to gender differences, class, or possibly a mix of both?
  • What is statutory paternity leave in the UK and how does it compare to other nations?
  • What effect do masculinity and male body standards have on mental health?
  • How can the stigma around male mental health be tackled? Can universities do more?
  • Is there a societal bias against men who don’t display traditionally masculine traits? How might this manifest at university? 
  • Why does the body positivity movement tend to exclude men? 
Resource Personalisation

You could add resources about male issues in your university, such as:

  • Male attainment or initiatives to increase number of men at universities
  • Policy around male-centred issues
  • Opinion pieces or activism around male mental health 
  • Paternity leave in your department

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