This topic discusses leadership in Higher Education.

Leadership is an important part of running an organisation and is typically done by one or few people. This type of leadership also occurs in higher education. Should organisations be led by one person? What do we want from our leaders? What is the difference between a leader and a manager? What is the difference between leadership confidence and leadership competence?

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions

  • Does Higher Education need leadership, or should it be more of a cooperative of academics?
  • Can leadership make a difference in how an organisation is run?
  • Should those in leadership roles be taught how to be a leader and what would that look like?
  • What should a leader do and be to their employees?
  • What is wrong with a manager? How is a being a manager different to being a leader?

Resource Personalisation

You could include materials on the leadership in your own university or department, including how they are set up and what leadership style is usually being used.

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