Grade Inflation


This week’s topic discusses grade inflation and its effect on higher education.

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions
  • What are the potential consequences of grade inflation?
  • Is the “value” of a high grade diminished by grade inflation?
  • How can grade inflation be tackled?
  • Are grades the best way to assess learning outcomes in higher education or should they be replaced entirely? If so, with what should they be replaced? 
  • Should universities create their own additional entry requirements for prospective students?
Resource Personalisation

You could add resources on grade inflation that relate to your own university. This could include:

  • The entry requirements for your university/course
  • If your university has had to face any consequences as a result of too many students making their offer grades
  • The grading criteria for your university/course and how many people in your course graduate with each degree classification
  • Opinion pieces on grade inflation by someone in your community

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