Future of Universities


This week’s topic talks about the future of higher education.

Many of these EDI topics discuss the issues with higher education as it is. This topic wishes to discuss what do universities need to change for the future of education. Should we change how courses are run? How can we adapt the classroom for better learning and future technologies? Does university need to have a building or physical place? Should universities partner up with businesses?


Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions
  • Is the typical lecture hall the best way to teach students?
  • How can we bring new power into universities?
  • Will universities ever be the same as they were before the pandemic? Is that a good thing?
  • Should degrees be shorter so they can be up to date with the changing skills required in modern workplaces? 
  • How can universities help their communities and provide a civic purpose?
  • How do we go about implementing future pedagogical practices?
  • Should technological skills be built into university courses?
  • Should universities become independent of industry or intertwined with it?
Resource Personalisation

You could include resources on the future of your university. This could be about:

  • New policies or practices coming into your universities 
  • How the university could change its architecture and design for better/flexible teaching 
  • Innovative teaching/technologies in your university 
  • The change the pandemic learning has brought to your university 
  • Opinion pieces on what needs to change in your university 

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