This week’s topic is on environmentalism and its effect on EDI and Higher Education.

Environmentalism is largely viewed as a good thing that encourages sustainable practices and eco-friendly consumerism. However, there are some barriers for marginalised groups. What does visible environmentalism achieve? Who is it for? How do we stop cynicism acting as a call to inaction?

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions
  • In what ways do climate movements exclude certain groups?
  • How can climate movements be made more accessible?
  • Are the environmental efforts of universities enough or are they simply greenwashing?
  • Does environmental responsibility lie more with individuals or institutions?
  • Do the effects of climate change exacerbate inequalities?
Resource Personalisation

You could include some resources about your own university’s ties with environmentalism. This could include:

  • Your university’s environmental policy
  • Find out if your university has ties with/investments in any companies that are detrimental to the environment
  • Activism/opinions on environmentalism in your university community, such as the local University newspaper

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