Disability and Work


This week is about the barriers disabled people face in Higher Education.

Disability covers a wide range of conditions that can sometimes affect educational access and attainment. Do universities help those with disabilities have the same opportunities as their able peers? What societal/structural norms hamper disabled people? What can be done to make everything accessible, is it achievable? And what do ability and disability even mean? 

Facilitation Notes

Discussion Questions

  • How can universities be kept accountable for holding up disabled students’ rights? Why do they need to be kept accountable in the first place?
  • Why is accessibility seen as a secondary thought and only accounted for when there is a necessity?
  • Does higher education have a stigma against people with disabilities?
  • What are the barriers to providing universal design? (Universal Design: the process of creating products that are accessible to people with a wide range of abilities, disabilities, and other characteristics)
  • Should accessibility accommodations only be given to those with a medical diagnosis?
  • How can we keep the privacy of disabled people while providing accommodations?

Resource Personalisation

It might be interesting to link to resources from your university about:

  • Disability policy/regulations; whether it is adequate and supports students and staff thoroughly enough
  • Activism around disability that is going on at your university 
  • Pieces from your community on their experiences with disability at university and in academia

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